Biorhythm Awareness Is Possible When You Apply the Wisdom Found in Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

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Biorhythm Awareness is possible when you choose a positive, optimistic attitude every day.These quotes, placed on top of gorgeous, amazing photographs were selected specifically to share with your children, to inspire and educate them. The wisdom of the quotes along with the beautiful scenes from nature stimulate your right and left-brain hemispheres simultaneously. The slides engage your entire brain, so the useful wisdom is embedded in your subconscious mind.

The wisdom of others is so valuable in helping you and your children be successful, happy and wise. This valuable wisdom from a wide variety of famous and unknown individuals will help you and your children become more successful, healthy, and wealthy in all areas of life. By sharing this information with your children, they will recognize you as one of the great Heroes in their lives.

The “In Search of Heroes Training Program” began in 1993, while I was a photographer and Special Features Writer for the Coronado Eagle Newspaper in San Diego. I loved to write stories about local Heroes. I wanted to spread the “Good News” about amazing neighbors who were mentoring students and helping others in their community anonymously.

At that time, I was upset by the media identifying actors, professional athletes, and celebrities as role models. I believed this was a huge mistake because movie, sports, and rock stars, who focused on money, fame, and notoriety, were not good role models for kids. Being rich, good-looking, and famous did not qualify anyone to be a Hero or role model. So, I enlisted the help of local community leaders to create a program to test the theory that, “Parents are the real Heroes in our society!” Our goal was to take high school journalism and multi-media students on assignment in search of local Heroes, just like Clark Kent mentored Jimmy Olsen in the Superman Comics.

Our leadership team worked with the Heroes at the Coronado Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Cablevision and Eagle Newspaper. The journalism and multi-media teachers and principal at Coronado High School helped facilitate the program with their students. The program was a remarkable success, but with unexpected results. Moms were considered the unsung Heroes 90 percent of the time. Dads were rarely mentioned. Moms truly deserve more recognition and praise for being Heroes to their kids.

Over the last 23 years, I have been working on a training program for students and parents to discover, honor and promote local Heroes in their family and community. It is based on the powerful lessons I learned while taking care of my Mom and Dad after they suffered catastrophic illnesses in 2004.

Mom experienced congestive heart failure and pneumonia. Dad suffered a terrible stroke that paralyzed his right side a couple of months later. After 3 years of intensive care for both, my Mom died, then my Dad one year later. I was their primary caregiver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Taking care of my parents was the greatest challenge of my life. Many of the internet Heroes I interviewed before my Mom and Dad got sick, recommended reading inspirational quotes every day to keep me motivated and inspired. They said the knowledge, wisdom and advice from others helped them triumph over many failures, illnesses, and difficult challenges. Reading inspirational quotes daily helped me deal with difficult business problems, strained relationships, and emotional heartache.

If only someone had shared the value of inspirational quotes with me in my youth, my own Heroes Journey would have been more fulfilling and less stressful. Reading a daily quote helps you keep your mind, body, soul, and spirit functioning optimally. The wisdom of others helps you achieve your goals sooner. You will enjoy your own Heroes Journey more! Many of your mistakes, failures, emotional suffering, and health problems can be minimized.

These valuable concepts can help you and your kids immediately. My goal is to inspire you and your kids.