Become A Bioman Or Biowoman When You Integrate Your Right-Left Brain Hemispheres

Do you want better health, more money and extra time? How would you like to have greater peace, self-confidence and respect? If you answer, “Yes, yes, yes!” Bioawareness is for you. It can help you increase the quality of your life.

Biological and biochemical truths about the earth, your body and brain, and the food you eat will be revealed. This information will help you know, understand, and love yourself and others better. Your learning and earning powers will increase as your improved memory and problem-solving abilities impress family, friends and business associates. You will be more efficient and effective in all areas of life; happier, healthier and more productive.

All this and more is possible, if you learn how to control your environment, diet, and mind. Once you become aware of your environment, you can protect yourself from harm. You will be able to create a sanctuary that nurtures life and promotes physical and emotional well-being. When you know the facts about nutrition, you can choose a diet that contributes to a healthy life rather than low energy, sickness, and death. After your body and brain begin to work as a team the sky’s the limit! You will have an advantage in life that will allow you to maximize your health, well-being, and performance in school, business and sports.

Bioawareness provides you with a balanced perspective about areas that effect your health, awareness, and survival. Three characters, Ralph Zuranski, Captain Biorhythm, and Bioman, will share their secrets. Ralph exists in the left brain hemisphere and controls the right side of the body. He is logical, judgmental, and competitive. He loves math, reading, and writing and is goal and time-oriented. He will present scientific facts about the environment, health, and awareness.

Captain Bio, creator and advocate of Biologic, lives in the right hemisphere and controls the left side of the body. He is emotional, intuitive, creative, and spontaneous. He is in charge of keeping the body alive. Captain Biorhythm controls physical activity and performance in sports.

Bioman appears when Ralph and Captain Bio work together as a team. They use whole brain thinking and both sides of the body. Bioman believes people are not just biochemical, biological, bio-mechanical machines that need oil, gas, lubrication, and replacement parts. He feels the mind, emotions, and spirit play an important role in health. He is convinced the mental and physical symptoms of patients provide valuable clues to the underlying problems, the body’s efforts to heal, and the natural remedies and lifestyle changes that can help.

I hope you enjoy Bioawareness. It’s time people learned the truth about health, disease, and awareness! Learn how to attain higher health levels. Escape disease, medical doctors, harmful drugs, and needless surgery. Physical and mental health is the best defense!

Ralph Zuranski, Health Researcher & Guinea Pig

Ralph Zuranski was born in 1949, three months premature. Health problems and learning disabilities caused by excessive sugar intake and a poor diet made life miserable. At the age of 13, Ralph was a 99 pound weakling with black horn-rimmed glasses, a plastic pocket pen holder, and a fascination with comic books. The world was a cruel place. People called him a nerd, a title difficult to shake. Ralph suffered silently. Someday I will have a strong healthy body and-mind that really works, he vowed.

Extreme measures were required to turn a wimp into a hero. Ralph began studying nutrition. Weight-lifting, megavitamins, and excessive amounts of animal protein transformed his thin torso. Bulging muscles and a functioning mind were an improvement, but Ralph still felt terrible. What’s wrong with me, he lamented.

In 1980, Ralph became Technical Director at Family Fitness Centers in charge of Health Research. He volunteered to become the Holistic Health Guinea Pig. Postural integration and Rolfing gave Ralph a new perspective on pain. Swedish and polarity massage was pleasurable, homeopathy incredible, and colonics embarrassing. Hair, blood, and sputum analysis showed biochemical imbalances.

Chiropractic and spinal Stressology helped a broken and warped skeleton. Brain integration, Actualizations, EST, and biofeedback caused a quantum leap in mental powers. Polarization neutralized the harmful effects of ENO (Electromagnetic Field) radiation. Colon X-rays showed severe bowel problems. Iridology uncovered more areas of weakness. Health practitioners worked on him from both ends. Ralph began to wonder, How come I’m so screwed up? When will I be healthy? What do I have to do to get enough energy to have a life? How long, how long?

In 1982, Ralph began to study the energy structure of the universe. He became Research Director for Environmental Polarity Research and read many books on energy, electromagnetism, and soft particle physics. He learned about the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation. Ralph learned about muscle testing and experienced benefits from life field polarization and subtle energy medicine.

This is totally radical; a new perspective on health and disease. Energy medicine really made a difference in my health and energy levels. People must be warned about the harmful effects of man-made electromagnetic smog from powerlines, transformers, computers, business machines and appliances. They need to be educated about the beneficial effects of bioelectrical instruments, he decided, eager to share this new wisdom.

Unfortunately, very few people recognized the importance of energy medicine. They were unwilling to learn the facts about EMT radiation. They were afraid. Ralph tried to educate the public, but most considered him a clown weirdo. When he talked about the harmful effects of EMF radiation, people just laughed. The cover-up by the utility companies, the military, and big business was too effective. Scientists who knew the truth were persecuted, maligned, and lost their funding.

In 1983, Ralph got involved with biomedical computers that diagnosed imbalances in the body’s energy meridians. He researched this technology and worked on patients. Ralph wrote and illustrated a procedural manual showing how to heal the body by working with acupuncture meridians, trigger points, hand and foot reflex points, and energy points in the ear. Three years were spent working in clinics full time helping the sick and injured.

Ralph is a professional trainer and helps clients achieve physical, emotional, and intellectual health through computerized biorhythms and handwriting. He has mastered the Inner Game of Tennis and teaches brain integration through tennis. He believes correct stretching, proper nutrition, and a customized exercise program improve health and fitness. He has worked with professional athletes to improve health and performance.

Captain Biorhythm ‘s History, Motto, and Goals!

Captain Biorhythm is a character Ralph created in 1978, to fight for truth, justice, and honesty in the areas of natural health and awareness. Captain Bio first appeared on Halloween Day at the Master’s Slalom Skateboard Race in La Costa. The goal was to encourage young skateboarders to wear safety equipment and learn about biorhythm theories that would minimize injuries and maximize athletic and scholastic performance.

As Director of the Pepsi Cola Skateboard Safety Program, Ralph could not escape the shadow of Captian Biorhythm. Young skateboarders called him Captain Bio, even when he was not wearing his costume. Kids respected his power and wanted to be stars in the Pepsi Program. His sincere desire to help and protect them carried a lot of weight. Kids would always say, Cap’n Bio, what’s happen’n dude? How about some free Van’s (tennis shoes) Pepsi jerseys, or stickers? Why don’t you cut loose with a few? By the way, what are my bios today? You need any more skaters for the Pepsi program? I’m pretty rad. I really shred pipes, bowls, and ramps.

In 1980 Ralph learned about the theories of the functions of the right and left brain hemispheres. He soon realized Captain Bio embodied the creative, spontaneous, intuitive, and emotional aspects of his personality. Ralph had always wanted to be a hero so he decided to live as Captain Bio. Everything was done left handed to develop powers of the right brain. He wore his costume every day while serving as Technical Director for Family Fitness Centers. His car was transformed into the Family Fitness Center’s Bio Mobile.

Captain Bio promoted biorhythm knowledge, flexibility and natural health. He worked with the San Diego Chargers and Soccers during one of their winningest seasons. He became an advocate for using both sides of the body and brain for balance in all areas of life and athletic performance. He organized the first Tennis Challenge of Balance where participants used both hands in competition. Unfortunately, only 4 people entered. The health and awareness information discovered by CB was too new. The Captain tried to educate people but became discouraged at the ignorance and closed-mindedness. He decided to retire as a hero for health and awareness until the world was ready for Bioawareness.

In 1990, Ralph decided to reactivate Captain Bio to fight against the poor health, drug addiction, and under achievement. Captain Bio decided, I will help kids look, feel, and perform better. There is no reason for them to make the same mistakes I made. Perhaps if I can help them realize the benefits of a good diet, trained mind, and balanced body they might want to better their position in life and succeed where I failed. Maybe I can save them some of the misery, self-criticism, and despair I brought upon myself.

Maybe hearing my story will help them overcome poor self-images, health destroying diets, bad study habits, and a lax exercise program. They just don’t realize how sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, pot, and cocaine destroy the brain cells and make life a living hell. Kids are the hope of the future. I must do everything I can to help the youth of today! For evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men and women to do nothing. Maybe there are other heroes out there who will assist me in this battle. Why not start a legion of real life heroes willing to help others in need. After all, a HERO is someone who Helps, Enthusiastically, Responsibly, Optimistically

Captain Biorhythm is a defender and advocate for Health, Happiness, and the Ambidextrous Way! He will fight against legal and illegal drugs that destroy the body and mind. His enemies are ignorance and greedy individuals who pollute the environment and poison all living creatures in the pursuit of profits! He will champion the natural, holistic health perspective and educate people about the harmful effects of man-made EMF radiation on humans and animals. He will expose other dangers threatening the ultimate survival of all mankind.

Anyone who wants to be a hero or heroine and has a burning desire to help solve the world’s problems, visit The Heroes in Training (HIT) program will help you become an integral part of a legion of Super Heroes and Heroines to inspire those without hope. Perhaps you will qualify to be in the In Search Of Heroes Hall of Fame.

Bioman s Brain Integration Center

Anyone can become a Bioman or Biowoman if they are willing to use both sides of their body and brain. Physical, emotional, and intellectual balance is the answer. Everyone can benefit by learning how their body and mind work. They can improve their health and performance in all areas of life. Once you train your mind it will function at optimal levels.

Make peace with the part of your personality that is being suppressed by the other. Right brainers need to get more in touch with the left brain and visa versa. Working to develop the weak side of your personality and body by choice will provide marvelous benefits. It’s time to stop the war going on in our own minds. We need to cease being our worst critic and become our best friend.

Timothy Gallway in the Inner Game of Tennis described the war that is waged by the left brain that is logical, judgmental, and competitive against the right brain that is creative, spontaneous, emotional, and intuitive. The right brain controls the biological activity of the body. When Captain Bio does not perform well enough, Ralph psychologically abuses Captain Bio, who gets upset and performs terribly to get even. Ralph ends up defeating himself.

Lets eavesdrop on a conversation between Ralph and Captain Bio during an important tennis match. Ralph says authoritatively to Captain Bio, hit the ball with top spin to the backhand side deep. Captain Bio does his best but hits the ball short. The opponent rushes to net and hits a deep approach shot. Ralph screams silently, Run to the right, faster, faster! Set up, topspin short, down the line. Drop the ball over the net, you idiot! Hurry, he’s at the net! CB runs to the right and barely gets his racquet on the ball, causing a weak return that is crushed for a winner. Ralph says angrily, Bio! What’s wrong with you? It’s all your fault. I told you to hit the ball deep with topspin and what did you do? You muffed the forehand and gave him an easy approach shot. Then you flub the next shot and gave him a duck. What a joke. You are screwed up. You couldn’t hit a good shot if your life depended on it. You are such a loser. You make me sick.

About this time, Captain Bio gets fed up with Ralph and decides, Well, if that’s the way you feel about it, you do all the work. I’m sick of your arrogant attitude. You are always ordering me around, screaming and yelling if you don’t get your way. Screw you! Since you don’t have a very high opinion of my abilities you get what you deserve. Your game is history, bud. I’m going to muff every shot just to get back at you for being mean. Let’s see how you like it, you jerk!

As you can guess, Ralph’s game falls apart and he looses badly; beats himself. If he would have been more supportive, accepting, and encouraging, Captain Bio would have performed better. When we love and accept both personalities within, life can be more productive and enjoyable. It’s time to stop being our worst enemy and harshest critic and become friends with ourselves. Bioawareness is the wave of the future! Heroes and Heroines rise up! The world needs you now.

BRAIN INTEGRATION’ GAME COMING IN 2015. It is an entertaining way to stimulate the right and left brain hemispheres. Expand your mental powers while having fun. Gain new insights into your relationships. Learn to’ know and ‘love yourself and others as never before. Become a Bioman or Biowoman!