Learn How Biorhythms Dramatically Improve Your Relationships

You are probably wondering how Captain Biorhythm became a heroes’ trainer and certified expert on:

  1. What is heroism?
  2. How do people become heroes?
  3. Who are the heroes today?
  4. Who are the heroes that are not getting the recognition they deserve for their heroic acts.

Captain Biorhythm’s pathway to understanding heroism has been more than challenging. After 45 years of health and human awareness research, Captain Biorhythm learned the truth about real-life heroism by interviewing military, business and sports heroes. He asked questions similar to those used by Napoleon Hill who invested twenty years interviewing the greatest business heroes of the early part of the 20th century before he wrote his book Think and Grow Rich.

Captain Biorhythm has searched for the secret methods of achieving optimal levels of physical fitness and mental effectiveness since the age of 13 because of the poor health that began at birth. He was born May 9, 1949 at Mercy Hospital in San Diego. He was 3 months premature and weighed only 3 pounds, 8 ounces. It was a miracle he survived when most premature babies died or suffered brain, lung and auditory damage so severe, they never recovered.

The procedures for taking care of preemies were primitive and rarely successful. It was similar to raising baby chickens in an incubator, naked, exposed for all to see, illuminated by huge banks of blinding, fluorescent lights and exposed to massive auditory stimulus overload from all the sounds from the machines, parents, nurses, doctors and other babies, 24 hours a day.

The miracle is he survived this early trauma without permanent lung or brain damage. The tragedy is his early years were plagued with chronic sicknesses, hyperactivity, delayed growth, dental cavities, poor vision, bursitis of the ankles and unexplained physical pains.

Comic book super heroes like Superman, Aquaman and Batman provided an escape from a hostile, over-stimulating world. At times the physical pain and emotional suffering were so severe; Captain Biorhythm’s life ached like a rotten, abscessed tooth.

He had to constantly tell himself that he was a hero who was strong, handsome, intelligent…impervious to the poisonous tongues that wagged uncontrollably. The verbal sticks and stones simply ricocheted off his massive, perfectly-muscled chest and arms, six-pack abs and powerful thighs, butt and calves. His verbally bullet-proof costume repelled all hard, pointed objects and painful words. Any obstacle could be overcome.

A poor diet, genetic imperfections and emotional abuse were contributing factors to Captain Biorhythm’s emotional and physical health problems. Candy, soft drinks, donuts, pastries, and ice cream were eaten in large quantities on a daily basis. His addiction to sugar was funded by 3-5 cent bounties on discarded glass pop bottles.

When he arrived home for dinner, the perpetual diet of spam, hot dogs, hamburgers and fish sticks was not appealing. He was traveling through the universe at a million miles and hour, fueled by the incredible amounts of the sugar and caffeine he consumed with abandon of an addict.

It was no wonder he was hyperactive, suffered from ADHD, performed poorly in school and drove the nuns crazy at Sacred Heart Elementary School in Ocean Beach. Captain Biorhythm was a frequent and deserving target for the infamous knuckle wrap with the wooden ruler or big time spanking.

In 1962, at the age of 13 Captain Biorhythm was fed up with his miserable life and constantly considered suicide. He desperately wanted plastic surgery to shrink the size of his nose and ears.

Unfortunately, it was a hopeless cause. The money was not there. His struggling one income, middle class parents worked their fingers to the bone to provide clothing, food, and shelter.

The ugly black horn-rimmed glasses were his daily reality. The thought of being a nerd, the model for Mr. Potato Head, forever amplified his feelings of depression and despair.

A choice had to be made–death or life. Captain Biorhythm helped his alter ego Ralph Zuranski to make the correct decision…Life!

Ironically, comic books again were his salvation. In one of the books he saw an ad for Joe Weider Protein and a course on how to build the body of a super hero.

Captain Biorhythm was thrilled…overjoyed. The vision of a tanned, muscled, pumped-up body provided the inspiration he needed to survive, to live one more day. A set of free weights combined with a book on nutrition by Adele Davis were additional tools for transformation.

As Captain Biorhythm changed his diet and started to work out, the transformation was nothing short of incredible. His mind started to work. His scholastic performance in school soared.

The nuns were stunned. How could a C-D student become an A-B student almost overnight? The nuns unanimously awarded Captain Biorhythm a scholarship to the Catholic University High School in Linda Vista. His family was thrilled. Money was so tight.

Captain Biorhythm’s muscles continued to grow at an accelerated rate. The wimp who always had sand kicked in his proverbial face, started to grow. His skinny arms, back and chest began to fill out. A flat chest blossomed with pumped-up pectorals. Confidence increased with the upper-body muscle bulk. Captain Biorhythm thought, Now that I have muscles, I can beat up anyone who is mean to me, calls me Pollock and tells stupid Pollock jokes.

Unfortunately, Captain Biorhythm was a anomaly in the Ocean Beach universe, the mystical Land of OB. He did not fit in anywhere. He was a nerd with a massive upper-body but mismatching bird legs.

The plastic pocket pen holder, black horn-rimmed glasses and a slide rule created a comic, cartoonish image rather than a heroic vision of perfection. This disturbing image short-circuited at the deepest levels the reality of everyone he came in contact with, especially the other kids in his age group.

Ridicule was always forthcoming, with rejection soon following. Captain Biorhythm soon realized even though he had a powerful physique and the ability to punish others for their transgressions, he had no desire to beat up or hurt anyone…even his worst adversaries. Injuring others violated his love for individuals, his ability to be forgiving and his sincere desire to be accepted.

Group activities and sports held no attraction. Captain Biorhythm became a loner. His social skills were non-existent. Attending an all boy parochial high school minimized any interaction with the opposite sex.

After a few ego-crushing rejections at the school-sponsored dances at the University of San Diego Catholic College gymnasium, Captain Biorhythm threw in the dating towel. His fragile ego refused to grovel for a date.

Captain Biorhythm saw the writing on the wall. He realized he would always be a social outcast. So, he devoted his spare time to reading books on real and fictional sports heroes, health, psychology, weight-lifting, body-building, surfing, and tennis.

Through sheer determination and intense focus, Captain Biorhythm experienced some success in these areas. He became an honor student, tennis champion, and skilled surfer, but happiness still eluded him.

He desperately wanted a girl friend, to fit in and have intimate relationships with the opposite sex. Luckily, his senior year he did find a girl who took pity on a socially hapless recluse.

After high school, Captain Biorhythm attended Revelle College, at the University of California of San Diego. The La Jolla campus was flooded with others nerds who were also National Honors Society members…big brains, academic giants who dominated the grade curve, always at the pinnacle of intellectual performance.

It was NERD NIGHTMARE… with only a few awesome looking babes. Unfortunately, they were only interested in dating the La Jolla rich, old money, upper-classmen.

As you can guess the scholastic competition was intense. There were only a few hundred male students, mostly horny, testosterone-raging, pimpled, Poindexter types in the Freshman Class. There was not even a senior class in 1967.

The pressure of school, working full time in the TV and appliance department at the Mission Valley May Company and no social life was humiliating and depressing. The required Humanities courses:

1. Praised the virtues of rebellion against authority.

2. Battled against the repressive power of religion.

3. Extolled the inspirational value of New Age and Rock and Roll music,

4. Encouraged the joys of mind-expanding drug experimentation.

5. Proselytized new disciples for the promiscuous sexual revolution.

NOW, Captain Biorhythm knew the reasons why he was so depressed…no steady diet of SEX, DRUGS and ROCK AND ROLL, and rebellion against authority and rejection of his Catholic religion. With hormones raging and frustration with his life and the very poor prospects for promiscuous sex of any type, he chose the only possible solutions to his miserable life…rebellion against his parents, rejection of religion, indulgence in drugs and devotion to music.

The FLOWER POWER of the late sixties with drugs, promiscuous sex, and rebellion against all authority was way too tempting. The breakdown of Captain Biorhythm’s Catholic upbringing and respect for authority created an earthquake of separation with his parents. He greedily made the choice for instant gratification without any thought to the long-term consequences.

Also, while working at May Company, Captain Biorhythm did not realize his brain cells were being brutalized, mutated and destroyed by the massive EMF radiation emanating from the hundreds of televisions surrounding his desk. The older TVs did not have proper electromagnetic pollution shielding.

In December of 1971, right after his first great love affair ended in betrayal, the darkness of depression returned with a vengeance. His mind was disoriented by the EMF poisoning, psychedelic mushrooms and brain cell destroying LSD. His lungs were severely damaged from smoking pot, hash, Thai Stick, Ganja and other lung-killing concoctions that had appeared in plentiful supply.

Unknowingly, his adrenals, that had been overwhelmed at birth, caused him to be in the third and final stage of adrenal exhaustion that contributed to a lifetime of health and mental problems. The evil temptation to end it all permeated his very existence.

The Grim Reaper was his constant companion, whispering in his ear, Life is meaningless. You are a loser? You will always be a nerd. Why not kill yourself and end it all. Eternal oblivion is far better than your living HELL here on EARTH.

Life had no meaning. Captain Biorhythm had lost his way…did not know who he was, where he was going or why living even mattered.

After college Captain Biorhythm continued working for May Company but was transferred to the Whittier store. He was in hot water with the upper level managers of the appliance division because he refused to sell inferior TV and stereos to customers. He did not realize at that time the harmful effects of the EMF radiation coming from the televisions continued to damage his cells, disorient his mind and diminish his immune system.

After moving to Whittier, Captain Biorhythm quickly realized why most people hated Los Angeles. The smog, traffic and the congestion was over-whelming. Wall-to-wall houses were depressing. There was no beautiful, pristine beach to flee to for peace and solace. The only beautiful part of his life was his second great love.

Captain Biorhythm out of desperation decided to go into real estate, hoping a license would provide a means of escape from the Los Angeles nightmare. He studied like a madman. He paid for a real estate course. The grand day of the test arrived and knew the answers by heart, passed on his first try. He immediately requested a transfer to the Carlsbad May Company. He worked there 3 months before entering real estate full time.

In December of 1973, his girlfriend who had moved from Whittier to a coed dorm at San Diego State University to pursue a master’s degree in child auditory therapy, decided to end their 6 moth relationship. Captain Biorhythm was financially strapped when the interest rates shot up to 12%. All his real estate deals in escrow, that were a sure thing, disintegrated. The financial pressures and distance contributed to a cataclysmic ending to a love he thought would last a lifetime. Captain Biorhythm lost everything. He felt totally defeated with no hope. His 1971 Mazda RX4 rotary station wagon became his home.

In January of 1974, Captain Biorhythm decided to go back into tennis and give tennis lessons. He became the homeless tennis bum. He also studied organic farming on the side. He became a vegetarian and one of the early crusaders for protecting the environment.

Unfortunately, he could not shake the feeling of failure and emptiness. He had more tennis students than he could ever teach, making plenty of money but no relationships, even though his female tennis student fields were ripe for plowing.

Captain Biorhythm had learned a very hard and painful lesson while working for May Company. You don’t have sex with clients or other employees unless you want your life to be a living hell.

Captain Biorhythm loved teaching tennis and athletic fitness. He had the unique ability to improve his students’ tennis proficiency by 100% with every lesson. But, even though he experienced great success teaching women and children, he still felt empty inside, emotionally burned out, unwilling to even contemplate the inevitable pain of another relationship.

Captain Biorhythm, because of his hard work, love of and devotion to his students, was recognized as one of the top tennis instructors and players in North County. He applied and was hired as the Carlsbad City Tennis Instructor. With the extra income, Captain Biorhythm decided to get a small apartment on the beach in Carlsbad.

In an attempt to find meaning and purpose in his life, Captain Biorhythm volunteered to work with a successful local band composed of four beautiful sisters and two brothers. He was their health consultant and tennis instructor. He traveled to concerts with them at military bases and acted as a body guard for the girls.

Everyone loved to party with pot and alcohol. Life was good. Captain Biorhythm loved the money, recognition, beautiful women and an apartment on the beach, but still happiness was only a temporary illusion.

Captain Biorhythm’s alienation and dissatisfaction increased until he decided to become a total recluse. He moved out of his apartment into his small Mazda RX4 station wagon. Again, he became homeless.

During one of his extreme fits of depression he remembered Mel Rose, his sales manager at the Whittier May Company and a respected corporate consultant, told him about the Science of Biorhythms. Now, three years later, Captain Biorhythm’s life was a mess. He was desperately searching for anything that would turn around his screwed up life.

Captain Biorhythm hoped and prayed biorhythms would provide some type of help. Captain Biorhythm leaped into biorhythm research with both feet. He loved to research knowledge so he bought and read every book on biorhythms. Then he analyzed his diary where he had recorded his daily activities for the last 10 years.

What Captain Biorhythm discovered, blew his mind. His biggest sicknesses, mistakes and injuries occurred on the critical and subcritical unstable days predicted by biorhythms. Captain Biorhythm realized that if he had known the truth about biorhythms, he could have saved himself a lot of grief, agony, mistakes, and injuries.

After realizing the incredible value of Biorhythm Awareness, Captain Biorhythm decided to become a Biorhythm Advocate. He vowed to teach people the truth about biorhythms…how optimize their performance in all areas of life and how to cut down on disease, accidents and injuries.

His research also led to the realization that biorhythm compatibility charts clearly explained the mechanics of human interaction…why people were instant friends, team members or enemies, why interpersonal relationships and marriages succeeded or failed. The knowledge was invaluable to a socially compromised nerd. He even invested one year in visiting family members and friends only when their biorhythm energy values were extremely high, so he could recharge his own biological batteries.

Captain Biorhythm really noticed a powerful difference when people’s biorhythms were in the output state. He was committed to helping interested parties understand how to benefit from Biorhythm Awareness. He wanted to dispel the lies and mistakes about biorhythms perpetuated by the press. Most people did not know how to use biorhythms to their full advantage because of the partial truths promoted by the media.

The explanation of biorhythms had been misrepresented by the press. There were only concerned with the most sensational aspects of biorhythms. The media focused on dates when movie stars and important people died. The media overlooked the real value of biorhythms that was the result of the research of brilliant medical doctors in the early 1900’s.

Dr. Wilhelm Fliess in 1906, a specialist in ear and throat illnesses at the University of Berlin, discovered regular cycles in the development of his patient’s symptoms involving common colds, diarrhea, fever, heart attacks, apoplexy, bleeding and childbirth. Dr. Fliess had one of his mathematician friends analyze the statistics. He discovered that the cycle of the development of sickness for men was 23 days and 28 days for women.

Dr. Fliess was friends with Dr. Sigmund Freud, who was at the University of Vienna. They discussed the psychological elements of the cycles.

Dr. Herman Swoboda, also at the University of Vienna, likewise discovered a 23 and 28 day cycle that regulated pain and swelling caused by insect bites, fevers in colds and heart attacks. He insisted there was a 23 day cycle that governed male stamina and sexual potency. He saw conclusive evidence there was a 28 day cycle involving female emotions and sensitivities.

Drs. Fliess, Freud and Swoboda all believed men and women were controlled by both male and female rhythms. With the recent advances in endocrinology (hormone secretions in men and women) we realize just how accurate and far-sighted they were. Men and women secrete both male and female hormones in different quantities. Males produce twice the volume of male versus female hormones. Women secrete five times as many female as male hormones.

Claude Bernard in the late 1800s, one of the fathers of modern experimental medicine, advanced the rule that a change in quantity results in a change in quality, a fundamental aspect of understanding the effects of hormones on biorhythm cycles.

In 1928, Dr. Friedrich Teltscher, of the Engineering Department of the University of Innsbruck, succeeded in proving the accuracy of the 23 and 28 day cycles after studying the results of experiments on 5,000 high school and college students. He even discovered the 33 day intellectual cycle that pertained to the ability to remember and reason.

Dr. Lexford Hersey, of the University of Pennsylvania, conducted experiments on efficiency and accident prevention where he examined the behavior of railway workers in relationship to their physical, emotional and operational powers. In numerous reports he verified the existence of the 23 day physical, 28 day emotional and 33 day intellectual cycles.

Biorhythms were used by coaches in intensified training programs for German athletes who competed in the Olympic Games. Soccer coaches used biorhythms to train and select players. Doctors used biorhythms to predict the time of death of cancer patients and in choosing the best days for surgery.

When doctors used their patient’s biorhythm cycles to schedule dangerous procedures, they were able to prevent sudden, unpredictable, post-surgical bleeding and deaths. Dentists reduced the pain and bleeding in their patients when they extracted teeth.

In 1939, Dr. Hans Swing, working under the guidance of Dr. W. Von Gonzenbach, of the Swiss National Institute of Technology, reported his results after studying 700 accidents and 300 deaths. 401 of the accidents and 197 of the deaths occurred on caution days.

In 1954, the head instructor in the environmental sanitation department of the city of Hanover, discovered that 83% of accidents involving drivers of garbage and watering trucks occurred on caution days.

Dr. Reinhold Bochow, O f Humboldt University in Berlin, studied 499 accidents involving agricultural equipment. He found that none of the people were careless or lazy and that the unconscious oversights and slips could have been prevented in 62% of the accidents if biorhythms would have be utilized.

Other studies showed that the female menstrual and emotional cycles were independent of each other. They were different because women who have passed menopause and girls who had not reached sexual maturity were affected by the 28 day emotional cycle. Both men and women were affected to differing degrees depending on their hormonal balance.

Captain Biorhythm realized hormone and brain chemistry balance and homeostasis was a possible answer to his wild biorhythm fluctuations. He was desperate to find the most effective and least expensive ways of balancing the body and strengthening the mind and emotions. He knew it was possible to minimize and eventually eliminate biorhythm fluctuations.

The goal was to discover how to balance your  hormones, biochemistry, exercise program and thought process so athletes and individuals will perform well, no matter what their biorhythm energy potentials were.

Captain Biorhythm was personally sick and tired of his roller coaster life. He assumed that developing better health, expanding his mental powers and increasing his emotional stability would help him minimize the fluctuations in his life energies. He could then enjoy a balanced, joyful existence.

For one year, Captain Biorhythm slept in and lived out of his car. He invested every waking moment reading books on health, human awareness, biorhythms and astrology, when he was not indulging in his grueling conditioning campaign.

During the day Captain Biorhythm surfed, swam, and ran 5 miles daily at Swami’s Beach in Encinitas. He perched on a large, flat rock protruding from the side of the cliff, getting a full body tan, and enjoying the pristine environment. Occasionally, he would drive to Black’s Beach to surf and enjoy the beauty of the La Jolla cliffs.

In 1975, Captain Biorhythm was ready to reenter society and spread the health and biorhythm knowledge he had learned. He was reading a local newspaper help wanted ads section and noticed an ad for a general manager for a sporting equipment wholesaler named Skateboard Warehouse in Encinitas. Captain Biorhythm went to the business, only a few blocks away and was hired on the spot. The company was near bankruptcy but Captain Biorhythm knew his sales and management skills could turn the company around.

At this time, the skateboard industry was experiencing a rebirth because of a radical innovation…the creation of urethane wheels. Cadillac Wheels was the first of many unique inventions that allowed bored surfers to shred the bonds of gravity as they searched for alternate methods of feeding their ravenous hunger for the thrills of riding waves.

Empty pools, urethane wheels and wide skateboard trucks were the new radical tools of transfiguration. Surfers could now duplicate the joy of ripping through the lip of big waves by flying up an down the walls of empty swimming pools, slamming their boards off the rounded coping, the tiles that lined the lip of the pool.

A new sport was born. Skate rats soon became idolized pros, the darlings of Hollywood. Greedy investors battled for their share of the profits. Skateboard parks popped up like magic mushrooms.

Since Captain Biorhythm was still living out of his car, he jumped at the opportunity to be the general manager of Sidewalk Surfparks in Fountain Valley and night watchman. He eagerly moved to Los Angeles to start his new job.

He was extremely excited about researching the accidents and injuries of the skateboarders, to confirm or disprove biorhythm theories. He hoped Biorhythm Awareness would help prevent unnecessary catastrophic events in the lives of the young skateboarders.

During the next six months, Captain Biorhythm was amazed, not surprised at the ability of biorhythms to predict accidents and injuries. As he evaluated each unfortunate event, he noticed a powerful correlation between accidents, injuries and biorhythm theories.

By giving skateboarders free tickets on biorhythm critical days, he was able to cut injuries down by over 60%. Captain Biorhythm was ecstatic. He did not have to transport even one more skateboarder with a broken wrist, cracked head or shattered ankle to the hospital.

Life was good. He had found his purpose for existence…protecting children from injuries and accidents.

Biorhythm Awareness was one answer to the numerous injuries that were an integral part of pushing the limits in skateboarding. Captain Biorhythm tried to get other skateboard park owners to us Biorhythm Awareness and the most effective safety equipment to cut down on injuries in their parks, but they were only interested in profits.

Captain Biorhythm transformed into the ultimate biorhythm safety consultant and fanatic for safe skateboarding. He relentlessly searched for the best elbow, knee and hip pads and helmets. They became a requirement for all skateboarders at his park…no matter the additional cost. Injuries and accidents plummeted almost to zero. Captain Biorhythm could not be happier or feel more fulfilled.

In 1976, an opportunity presented itself to help spread Biorhythm Awareness and safe skateboarding world-wide. The creators of the Pepsi Cola Skateboard Safety Program in San Diego needed some help recruiting and training skateboarders in a few days. Time was of the essence because the pilot demonstration for the Pepsi executives was only a week away.

Captain Biorhythm took a leave of absence from his skateboard park duties. He drove to San Diego and succeeded in creating the pilot demonstration that motivated the Pepsi executives to rip open their big, fat checkbooks. The program was funded, big-time. Everyone involved was thrilled.

Shortly after moving back to his job in LA, Captain Biorhythm crashed into the bottom of a pool twisted foot first, while testing new safety equipment. His foot was broken, the cuboid bone ripped apart. It had to be put in a plaster cast, which made living out of his car a totally miserable experience.

The homeless life was no longer an option. Captain Biorhythm quit his job at the skateboard park and moved to San Diego to become Director of Pepsi Cola Safety Skateboarding Program for Imperial Century. The skateboarder in charge had failed miserably. While in China, doing skateboard demonstrations and creating skateboard trucks, wheels and boards molds, major problems surfaced and he was fired before he even returned to the US.

Captain Biorhythm was thrilled to have a desk job. He helped develop the skateboard safety program that went to 2000 elementary and high schools in L.A. He coordinated skateboarding demonstrations at professional football games, car races, malls and parades…basically everywhere people gathered for entertainment. He also organized the first National Skateboard Convention for skateboard retailers, surf shops and skateboard parks.

Captain Biorhythm had the unique opportunity to work with Hal Jepson, the director of the movie Skateboard Madness at the Hang 10 Skateboard Contest at Magic Mountain. He was going with Hal and the stars of the movie to Europe as the team coordinator to capture the hot skateboarding action across the ocean until the funding fell short.

Captain Biorhythm was finally the big success he had dreamed about. He came out of the closet on Halloween, October 31, 1976 at the Masters Slalom Skateboard Race in La Costa. He wanted to promote safety in skateboarding and Biorhythm Awareness. It was a very strange day no one who was there will ever forget.

Unfortunately, shortly after this event, the skateboard industry tanked. Captain Biorhythm quit his job when the owner of Imperial Century reneged on a promised pay raise. Injuries in the skateboard parks rose to epidemic proportions.

The skateboard park owners still would not implement biorhythm safety procedures in the parks. Injuries continued to skyrocket. The cheap safety equipment they provided was not able to protect the skateboarders adequately as the bowls, pipes, snake-runs and ramps became more and more radical.

Many of the skateboard park owners, who did not listen to the warnings to make their parks safer, lost their entire investment. Liability insurance eventually became unattainable. In a matter of months, all the skateboard parks were bulldozed under because of law suits brought by parents of injured skateboard skateboarders.

Also, contributing to the industry’s spectacular demise was the next radical equipment innovation that made all the current stocks of skateboard wheels, trucks and boards obsolete. A group of young skateboarders invented a new, wider, multiple-ply, wood skateboard with upward curves on both ends, wider trucks and smaller wheels that transformed skateboarding forever.

Most of the manufacturers were stuck with worthless, out-of-date equipment that would not sell. The manufacturing facilities and retail skateboard shops collapsed overnight under the sea of debt and unsold merchandise.

With the disappearance of the skateboard parks, street skateboarding, small wood ramps and hot street tricks became the rage. Skateboarders became street outlaws…outcasts as cities passed ordinances against skateboarding. For all intents and purposes the skateboard industry was dead, except for the hard core pioneers who created an entirely new skateboarding focus…ripping and shredding benches, stair rails, balconies; any flat, square or skate-able surface.

Captain Biorhythm again was pressured by the primary survival needs of paying rent, buying food and making car payments. He needed to find a new job.

Forever the opportunist, he thought selling solar energy panel was the next huge opportunity to get rich, until the company folded because of mismanagement in a couple of months. Oh well, that did not work out very well, did it, Captain Biorhythm thought to himself.

Captain Biorhythm searched for a new job. One materialized at a racquet ball club in San Marcos, called Racquet Time. He had the opportunity to create and operate one of the first organic salad bars in San Diego. Unfortunately, most people were not interested in healthy salad bars in the early days, years before the health revolution came into full swing.

In 1980, Captain Biorhythm moved into Point Loma Tennis Club in Ocean Beach, the Land of OB, with a childhood friend who was his tennis nemesis and training partner. Captain Biorhythm again started giving tennis lessons. When Lance Alworth Family fitness Centers opened its doors, Captain Biorhythm became one of their first marketing and health research consultants.

Captain Biorhythm worked hard, sold memberships, trained employees how to sell memberships and produced sales aids. He received the Best Technical Director Award from Family Fitness Centers in 1980 after creating a sales presentation manual that was used to boost sales into the stratosphere for 2 years. Secretly he used Biorhythm Awareness to enhance his physical training, emotional stability and intellectual acuity.

Captain Biorhythm also trained the fitness staff how to use of the high-tech exercise equipment and show new members the correct way to work out to get optimal benefits. He created the first Professional Personal Fitness Trainer Program for professional athletes and business executives.

Three books completely revolutionized Captain Biorhythm’s perspective on health and human awareness: Super-Learning: Have A Super Memory and Improve Business and Sports Performance While Learning Anything Two to Ten Times Faster and Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila and Nancy Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder and Use Both Sides Of Your Brain: New Mind-mapping Techniques To Help Raise All Levels Of Your Intelligence and Creativity-Based on the Latest Discoveries About the Human Brain by Tony Buzan.

As Technical Director at Family Fitness Centers in charge of Health Research, Captain Biorhythm volunteered to become the Holistic Health Guinea Pig, to use his own body as a testing ground for new therapies in the hope of finding effective and inexpensive ways to become healthier, more balanced and super-intelligent. Captain Biorhythm realized the only solution for biorhythm instability was optimal hormonal and biochemical homeostasis, autogenic training (guided relaxation and meditation techniques), extreme physical conditioning and intellectual fitness.

Many of the therapies were beneficial. Postural Integration and Rolfing gave Captain Biorhythm a new perspective on pain elimination and skeletal restructuring. Swedish and Polarity massage were pleasurable, Homeopathy incredible, and colonics embarrassing.

Hair, blood, and sputum analyses showed extreme biochemical imbalances that were treated with vitamin and nutritional supplements. Chiropractic and Spinal Stressology helped correct a broken and warped skeleton.

Brain integration through ambidexterity, mind-mapping and drawing with both hands, Actualizations, EST and biofeedback caused a quantum leap in mental powers. Life Field Polarization neutralized the harmful effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Field Radiation).

Colon X-rays showed a spastic colon with severe bowel problems was treated with colonics. Iridology uncovered more areas of weakness. The best holistic health practitioners in San Diego poked, prodded and analyzed Captain Biorhythm from both ends.

After all the different health therapies, Captain Biorhythm felt a lot better. He decided to live as Captain Biorhythm for one full year to develop his under-developed right brain personality. He vowed he would wear his costume to work at the fitness center to test members’ brain integration and use his left hand exclusively.

Captain Biorhythm added new visual elements to his costume that contained a secret element that only the use of both brain hemispheres could solve. He even converted his car into the Family Fitness Centers Biorhythm Mobile to promote Biorhythm Awareness.

In 1981, Captain Biorhythm was Technical Director of Family Fitness Centers and a fanatical Soccer and Charger fan. Captain Biorhythm decided to volunteer to work with Rick McDonald, the head trainer of the San Diego Chargers under Don Coryell and Eric Geyer, the head trainer, assistant coach and a player for the San Diego Soccers under Ron Newman. He provided biorhythm performance predictions and astrological natal chart compatibility for each player and coach, trainer and assistant coach for every game.

Captain Biorhythm believed that Biorhythm Awareness and astrological natal compatibility charts could provide the missing link that would insure each team would win their premier championships. The goal was to identify the most balanced players who could be depended upon for optimal performance in the clutch situations. Also, the best team member compatibility options were useful when the going got tough and you needed the tough to get going.

The coaches definitely wanted to know who they could depend upon even when biorhythms predicted poor performance. The best players were the ones who were so incredibly balanced, they performed well every day of the year, without fail, even when they were injured; a fate most professional athletes experience as the season progresses.

Captain Biorhythm also did biorhythm compatibility charts between each coach and trainer and every player on the team. The goal was to facilitate greater cohesion, team spirit and cooperation between the coaches, players and trainers.

The coaches and trainers evaluated each player’s performance during games on a scale from zero to ten. Captain Biorhythm predicted how each player would perform according to their biorhythm energy potentials and past performance. It soon became obvious who were the clutch players…the ultimate balanced athletes.

Captain Biorhythm had the unique opportunity to spend more time working with the Soccers in a more advanced capacity. They had much less funding and fewer athletes than the Chargers. They were grateful for any help that did not reduce their precious operating budget.

Captain Biorhythm enjoyed teaching the players stretching programs, putting them on strength-conditioning programs at the Mission Valley Family Fitness Center and treating them with high-tech bio-medical computers that minimized injuries, reduced pain and swelling and speeded healing by 50%.

The Soccers won the NASL and the MISL over two years; the equivalent of the Super Bowl in football both years. San Diego residents were very proud of the small group of players that were big time winners during consecutive seasons. San Diego fans loved champions and perennial winners.

The Chargers also went to the division playoffs. They won their first game, considered by experts as one of the greatest games ever played in the history of football. They battled the Miami Dolphins and grabbed a 24-0 lead. The Dolphins made an amazing come back and went ahead in the final minutes.

With time winding down, Dan Fouts engineered a drive of heroic proportions that tied the game at 38-38. In overtime, both teams had chances to win the game but Rolf Benirschke’s 27-yard field goal with 1:08 left in the first Overtime gave the Chargers a 41-38 win. Unfortunately, a week later the Chargers lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 27-7 in the in the Ice Bowl where the wind chill dropped the temperature to a freezing 59 degrees below zero.

The results of the biorhythm studies in football and soccer were fascinating, but the problem in football was, even though a player had proven to be unstable on specific biorhythm critical days, you could not keep him out of the game.

Rick McDonald explained, Even though you know a player is going to be unstable on game day, you still have to let them play because they earned the privilege during practice. Besides, the first string player is often a better performer on his worst day than the second or third string player on their best day.

In 1983, Captain Biorhythm was still searching for the magic bullet, the next most effective therapy that created miracles. He began to study the energy structure of the universe.

He had the opportunity to become Research Director for Environmental Polarity Research. Captain Biorhythm read as many books as he could find on energetic medicine, electromagnetism, solar and cosmic radiation and soft particle physics.

He learned about the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation. Suddenly, he realized why the un-shielded TVs, back when he worked for May Company, had affected him adversely without him even knowing. Captain Biorhythm discovered new research on muscle testing and experienced benefits from Life Field Polarization and subtle energy medicine.

Captain Biorhythm realized parents needed to be informed about his discoveries so they could help themselves and their children be as healthy as possible. He started going to National Health Federation Conventions. He was a featured speaker on the topic of The Harmful Effects of Man-Made Electromagnetic Smog from power lines, transformers, computers, business machines and appliances. Captain Biorhythm wanted to teach all who would listen about the beneficial effects of Bioelectrical Instruments and Energetic Medicine.

In 1983, Captain Biorhythm got involved with bio-medical computers that diagnosed imbalances in the body’s energy meridians. He researched this technology and worked on patients.

Captain Biorhythm wrote and illustrated a procedural manual showing how to heal the body by working with acupuncture meridians, trigger points, hand and foot reflex points, and Auricular Therapy (energy points in the ear). Twenty one years were invested in working in clinics all over the world full-time.

Captain Biorhythm had the unique opportunity to work with the top alternative medicine doctors world-wide. They helped many patients with energetic medicine who had lost all hope that they would ever be healed. He was the director of an alternative medicine clinic in Dallas for two years that provided all the cutting-edge therapies that created miracles for many of the rejects from conventional medicine doctors.

In honor of the incredible Health Heroes who really followed the Hippocratic Oath First do no harm, Captain Biorhythm created the Healthy Doctors Alternative Medicine Hall Of Fame. It recognized and praised many of the pioneering doctors for their hard work, sacrifices and the persecution they suffered at the hands of allopathic medical associations and pharmaceutical companies.

They were the brilliant and courage individuals who battled for Alternative Medical Freedom first in Alaska and then the rest of the United States. They discovered many of the most effective and least expensive natural therapies.

In 1992, Captain Biorhythm volunteered his time to work as a writer and photographer for the Coronado Eagle Newspaper. His goal was to create a local In Search Of Heroes Program that would give high school journalism students the opportunity to discover, Who are the real social heroes?

Larry Wade, editor of the Eagle and Dean and Nancy Eckenroth, the owners, the Coronado Chamber of Commerce, Ron and Vicki Beaubien of the Rotary Club, Jason Bean and Steve McMahon America CableVision, Jim Laslavic Sports Director at KNSD TV and High School Principal Jeff Davis and teachers Dr. Margaret Wright, Kris McClung and Dianne Peruse provided all the elements necessary for a successful community program of this magnitude.

Students visited the San Diego Comic Convention, Sea World, Magic Mountain and Disneyland in search of heroes. The first heroes in training, David Ganong and Laura Neale, even entered essays in the Good Guys Comic Book Contest to see if they would be chosen to be real-life heroes.

Laura Neale actually was one of the contest winners, who became one of eight children whose lives were the model for the characters in the Good Guys Comic. Laura proved to be a real heroine when she showed up at the big kick off of the Good Guys Comic Book series at Mile High Comic Store in Los Angeles, in terrible pain, encased in an upper body cast. It was just days after her back was broken when the car she was riding in had been crushed by a drunk hit and run driver.

Laura suffered through 10 hours of surgery. The incredibly skilled surgeons implanted two steel rods, one on either side of her broken spine. She had to start walking the day after the surgery without any pain medication or even aspirin, to encourage the rebuilding of the bones in her spine.

Laura knew the fans of her character Flex expected her to be a heroine, no matter the pain or personal sacrifice. Laura stepped up to the plate and was an amazing example of what true heroism really is.

Captain Biorhythm continued developing the In Search Of Heroes Program and searching for ways to fund the program world-wide. In 2001, he realized the internet would provide the vehicle to spread Good News about the local heroes in every community.

Captain Biorhythm started going to all the major internet conferences, searching for heroes and taking photographs of all the potential heroes. After a few events, he decided to follow in the footsteps of Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale and interview the most successful internet entrepreneurs, many of them millionaires.

Most of the heroes he interviewed said Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich had contributed greatly to their financial success. Captain Biorhythm rewrote the public domain copy of this amazing book so it appeals and relates to both boys and girls.

Then he transformed the words into powerful mind-maps and super-learning PowerPoint videos to speed the assimilation of this valuable information. Andrew Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to condense the key elements of success of the richest people in the early 1900s. He believed that if young people were taught his principles while young, his wisdom would cut the required schooling time in half.

It took 6 years for the software, computer technology and internet bandwidth to catch up with his dream. Captain Biorhythm’s lifetime goal was still helping to make the world a better place by honoring and promoting all the unsung heroes like moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, coaches, spiritual leaders, students, business people…basically anyone who helps others.

Internet video services like Youtube, FaceBook and all the other social networking sites now make the dissemination of the personal stories about family heroes easy, inexpensive and definitely possible world-wide.

Captain Biorhythm wanted to implement his In Search Of Heroes Program in 2004, but Fate was not kind. His mom and dad suffered catastrophic illnesses within three months of each other.

His mom experienced congestive heart failure combined with pneumonia. His dad survived a major stroke that paralyzed his left side and swallowing mechanism.

Captain Biorhythm experienced the same emotional suffering, financial sacrifice and relationship turmoil facing many in the Babyboomer Generation. What do you do when one or both parents need partial or 24-7 care? Captain Biorhythm had promised his parents many years earlier that he would take care of them at the end of their lives.

Captain Biorhythm and his wife Janet moved back and forth between Dallas and San Diego, trying to take care of all family members. For those of you have been through this challenging struggle, you know just how difficult it is.

After taking good care of both parents for 4-5 years, they passed away in their own beds with Captain Biorhythm holding their hand and saying, “Goodbye, I love you.” Captain Biorhythm’s mom died on April 16, 2007. His dad followed a little more than one year later on April 30, 2008

Captain Biorhythm has been working on completing his Biorhythm Awareness Program for hospice workers and those who are caring for sick and dying family members.

Captain Biorhythm was inspired by two TV programs, Who Wants To Be a Superhero and Heroes. At the recent San Diego Comic Convention, he decided it was time to ask women heroes the heroes questions. The initial program focused on men heroes.

Janet’s two granddaughters will be coming this summer to live with grandma and grandpa to go through the intensive heroes training program. They will learn how to be great ambidextrous athletes and heroines at ages 11 and 13. Captain Biorhythm, while living in San Diego, took them to the San Diego Comic-Con to interview the most successful women artists and heroes and help videotape at the Masquerade.

To increase his understanding of women, Captain Biorhythm purchased two newly released books, Why Gender Matters, What Parents and Teachers Need To Know About The Emerging Science Of Sex Differences by Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D. and The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD.

The information in these books was simply astounding. Captain Biorhythm questioned why the genetic, hormonal, psychological and social differences between boys and girls were not being taught anywhere. It was no wonder why boys and girls have such a hard time relating to each other. It was obvious why most marriage partners are at war continually, with divorce rates exceeding 50%.

If men and women only knew the real truth about how boys and girls are hard-wired differently, their lives would be much more enjoyable. The potential for peace on earth would be increased. Better relationships would flourish.

Always the crusader, Captain Biorhythm decided to turn this valuable information into a super-learning format. He wanted to make it available to children, teachers, parents and grandparents through the In Search Of Heroes Program.

Since the school system and news media had turned a blind eye to the truth and the differences between boys and girls, it was time someone spread the good news. If the media wanted to promote the unscientific, skewed politically correct view of life and society, it was their choice and another black eye. Combined with their fear-laced and profit-at-any-cost philosophy, If it bleeds, it leads, the media is responsible for spreading human misery and suffering.

Captain Biorhythm’s Bio-awareness research has finally come full circle. After working with elementary school kids, male and female tennis students, professional athletes, business professionals, alternative medicine doctors, Internet millionaires and finally his dying parents, he now knows how to use his knowledge to promote individual health and happiness, international peace and world-wide wellness.

After almost 53 years of health and human awareness research, Captain Biorhythm has discovered the seven most valuable elements of living a heroic super-life. You too can have victory over all the incredible challenges you face!

Seven Secrets That Guarantee Living a Heroic Life

1. Seek a spiritual, personal relationship with God.

2. Develop a strong, extended family life that involves genetic dads, grandparents, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and step-parents, step-relatives and family friends.

3. Discover the truth of how boys and girls are mentally, physically, biochemically, psychologically and socially different from birth.

4. Understand Biorhythm Awareness.

5. Achieve biochemical and hormonal homeostasis.

6. Pursue brain integration through recognizing and becoming friends with your non-dominant brain hemisphere hero, mind-mapping and ambidexterity.

7. Learn and internalize the teaching of Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

Captain Biorhythm is currently working on a Bio-awareness Program that incorporates the seven secret steps above for hospice workers, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who have the courage and love to take of sick and dying relatives. His Bio-awareness Program is a powerful way of minimizing emotional suffering, physical exhaustion and catastrophic illness events. It is possible to maximize the enjoyment of life and each person’s natural human potential.

Captain Biorhythm discovered the most effective therapies and mental drills to eliminate Biorhythm imbalances on critical and sub-critical days. He studied the research of  Dr. Kichinosuke Tatai, MD, MPH, one of the most recognized and successful Biorhythm researchers and safety consultants in Japan in the 1970-1980s, who authored the book “Biorhythm for Health Design”. Dr. Tatai discovered biorhythm instability was caused by hormonal and brain chemistry deficiencies and imbalances.

Incredible advances in software and computerized biochemical testing technologies have jump-started a New Age of biological understanding, potential mind expansion and athletic potential enhancement without steroids or Human Growth Hormones or illegal drugs.

Captain Biorhythm will share his unique biorhythm perspective on the performance of professional athletes. Analyzing athletic performance according to Biorhythm awareness can lead to an amazing improvement in athletic performance. You can use autogenic training to change your attitude so you have optimal success. Biorhythm Awareness provides you with a definite edge that allows you to dominate your competitors, especially if you know their birthdates.

With Biorhythm Awareness, coaches can determine whether injured players should play but also who would be the best choice to replace them if they cannot perform effectively. Knowing in advance who is primed to perform excellently, would be invaluable in creating a worst case scenario game strategy.

After studying the biorhythms of many athletes, it is clear who are the most balanced physically, emotionally and intellectually. They are the most stable, despite their biorhythm values. The ultimate athletes are biorhythm proof. Highs, lows and critical days have no effect on them.

If you want to win the BIG GAMES, players, coaches and trainers would benefit from seeking physical, emotional and intellectual balance. Through Biorhythm Awareness they can minimize injuries and maximize everyone’s performance.

Napoleon Hills’ Think and Grow Rich program can help you have the winning attitude you need to overcome your apathy and non-heroic performance.

Earl Nightingale, a contemporary of Napoleon Hill and radio interviewer of the rich and famous, believed that people can be a success every moment of the day if they pursue a worthy ideal with honesty, integrity, perseverance, faith and action. After interviewing over 40 internet millionaires, Captain Biorhythm learned that a person must become a member of society who is worthy of incredible success, because of their valuable contribution to society.

Stop the war in your mind between your two different brain hemisphere personalities.